because children
are the future.

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Ethos is a new mindset and model for child care and early education for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years. We never stop learning. The way we start learning is vital; it quite literally sets us up for life. Our mission is to use education as a seed to change the world. Ethos is a new approach to education designed to support, nurture and enable future generations of socially, emotionally, physically and mentally resilient young people. Together we can make a better future.

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Infants six weeks to one year


Toddlers one year to two and a half years


Preschoolers two and a half years to five years

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Aedeen Twomey

Director and Synergist

Dr. Silvia Dubovoy

Education Advisor

Daisy Harrison

Advisor and Partner

Claudine Campanelli

Director of Operations

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Sam Farhang

Rapt Studio

Ethos’ vision really struck a cord with me as a father of two, an infant and a toddler, that recently had gone through the process of finding an education/care solution for our babies. Finding a solution is not hard, but finding one that really cares about the development of our children and their families is really unique and that’s what Ethos is about.

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